I’ve been seeing a lot of plastic bags around with varying claims of sustainability. Some say it’s compostable, biodegradable, oxo or photo biodegradable or degradable, or bio-based. Some come with the SIRIM logo, MyHijau chop or no information at all.

For context, SIRIM is the Standard and Industrial Research Institute…

When I talk to plastic recyclers, they often tell me gruffly, with a wave of their hands:

“Aiya, actually everything can be recycled one. The only thing is whether it makes sense to collect or not. Otherwise it’s a loss.”

The business writer in me understood them perfectly. It’s not…

How to make the fashion industry circular + comparing sustainable materials (scroll down)

How much do we know about the clothes we wear? What material is it made of? Where will it end up after we’re done with it?

I’ll admit I never pay enough attention to this. I only…


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